The Team

 CHANGING lives one goal at a time

OUR MISSION is to help other women to be financially free and enjoy their
lives with their family members. We have come together not only as business
partners but as GOAL-FRIENDS. We love to position others for greatness and
teach them how to monetize their lifestyle.

Founder: Janielle Saddler-Barnett,
My mission is to teach everyone who is willing to learn how to monetize their time and money. Learning to manage your time wisely while pursuing additional income is the key to building generational wealth. What God has set in place for you, let no man try to take it away.


Member: Nedra Holbrook,
As a nurse by career, her passion is to save lives. Now, she is helping those lives find more fulfillment through sharing her knowledge of building wealth and activating the mindset to create it.



Member: Kelly Staff, 
Kelly is also a nurse but she specializes in helping the audibly challenged or deaf individuals with learning how to build wealth online. With God as her head and guide, her blessings are at a hand’s reach.



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