How to Kick Fear Ass Out The Door To Be An Entrepreneur.

​Hey guys lets get ready to Kick fear Ass out the door.

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I know starting a business can be very scary and a hard pill to swallow. But trust me once you push yourself, jump out on faith and go for it your life will definitely be changed.

I’m going to be 100% truthful with you in this article. FEAR can be a big pain in the ass, but you can’t allow it to block you from your destiny. Think of starting something that only you can have pride in doing. Something you can built and become successful with. Now if you really think about it, that sound absolutely amazing and easy, right? But thats not always the case.

Unfortunately for many of us, when we hear the word change, we automatically associate it with negativity and maybe even fear. For example; Change is bad, it is taking us out of our comfort zone. Let me stop there! All those thought can hold you back.

I will be talking about things that I will do to keep my mind in a positive state and out of the fear zone. I will continue to talk about all the amazing things that have come with my changes. When it comes down to the benefits my family and I have. And all the amazing experiences and opportunity that is yet to come. I could never think to hold my life back from all that is yet to come. My motto has always been; No one can take away anything the good Lord bless you with. 

I would hate it if I would never had the chance to meet different people, find different adventures and be able to help others. Now if you allow fear to take up residence in your head you would just be stuck doing what you were doing.
And let’s be honest. It’s hard to not remember all the things that didn’t work out. But also remember you still learned from it right? That allow you to became a new person, it made you stronger and the person you are today is very proud. It was hard but it wasn’t worthless.

I use to ask myself all time why? Why I hold myself back? Why am I so afraid? Just why? But I came up with some solutions that I use to conqueror the most common fears that entrepreneurs have. The fear about experience, finances, the changes and the unknown. I’m going to talk about ways to overcome it all and kick fear ass out the door. You going to use all that emotion to build a better business of your own. 

When I set up my plans of being an entrepreneur mom. I write it down, set a goal date and work towards it. When it’s time I plan to announce it to my family that I’m going to quit my fulltime job and become a fulltime entrepreneur mom. Because I know that is where I will get the strength and encouragement from the most. Even though I enjoy working for my now company there is going to be a times where I need to step out of my confert zone to fully commit to making my own business fulltime. 

My family is very supportive, that is key, to make sure you have a support system in place. I know my family get very supportive and happy for me when it comes down to me doing something to better myself. Their words of encouragements and support will give me the strength to push forward. I’m happy to say I’m on the road to becoming a fulltime entrepreneur mom (keep a look out for Mommy Hustle Nation). Fear has no place in my head now. Once I feel it and believe it, I’ll go for it.

I’m a planner, organizer, and very head strong. So believe me when I tell you that making the simplest decision to start on the road to be an entrepreneur woman is terrifying. But you have to start it some where. Even now I have occasional days where I think someone should have knock me in the head and tell me its safer to stay in my regular 9 to 5 where you are guaranteed a paycheck.

But I wouldn’t have changed anything that brought me to this point. 

I wanted to write this article because I see so many amazing women on my Facebook groups, page and across social media who are on the edge. And has fear holding them by the neck. And I knew I use to be like them, so my story could give them the encouragement becuase if I can do anybody could. 

The start of my journey of being a Entrepreneur mom was all trail and errors. What didn’t work I tweak it to work for me. I just want everyone to know YOU’RE NOT ALONE and to help you bypasses fear it self and allow your curiosity about what’s the best way to start your business ideas. 


There is nothing wrong with hanging around til it’s the right time. We all know that fear is doing everything to block you from starting. But sorry to say at some point in time it has to stop. At some point you’ve just got to dive in with both feet and commit.

Don’t think about the what if, just set a goal, make a plan, even taking webinars and notes can help overcome your fear and start a business. It all comes with planning.

If you want to work through your fears in a practical and purposeful way then you can read Start Your Own Business, Fifth Edition: The Only Start-Up Book You’ll Ever Need it will help you get an idea on where to start and what to do next. This book has help me to make plans for one of my bussines and follow through with.

Now lets talk about fear and how to drop it like a bad habit.

  • Having Fear of the Unknown:

One of the amazing things about online businesses is that there are business owners of all shapes, sizes, and ages. However, many of us are coming from backgrounds that are totally unrelated, or very tenuously linked, to our new business venture.

Even if you are starting something in the niche you have come up with, the online space offers a lot of new challenges, new technology and new ways of working.
Starting a new job is always nerve wracking. When I started my new job in the human service field I worked with mentally ill clients. I had 10 years of working in the human services field, but I was still nervous but fairly confident that I knew roughly what I was doing. I also knew that when I’m hit with a challenge I go head on and make it successfully. 

When I started writing for my blog. I had no formal training and any idea how to start. I later went on to complete several different articles that have been successful and has help people. I always thought no one will read what I wrote, and the big issue was my writing will be bad; no one would like it, no one would understand. But that was me having fear and putting myself down again. But I immediately nip that in the butt. Because, I learnt as I went. And people positive responses sure made me to feel good and it got easier.

I didn’t do all the courses and training and then start up my business. I learnt enough to get me started and then I learnt on the go. Because I know if I told myslf to wait until I learned everything or until I get a degree or until I feel comfortable I will never start. So learning on the go is the best thing for me.

And here’s a secret guys. Being Uncomfortable is good, trust me. There is nothing better that feeling the fire under you and knowing that the only way out is if you do something about it. It drives you; it motivates you to do better and learn more. Being comfortable in business means that you are going to be left behind real quick. So don’t fear and panic, use the panic to make sure your business is the absolute best you can make it.

  • Fear of Yourself: Only you can stop yourself and only you can make you better:

This is where you know you have to get away. You know you want to work for yourself but you don’t quite know what to do. I have some good and bad news on this front.

The good news is that many, many entrepreneurs have been there. I know I have and I know many people, friends, mentors and idols that have all been down the same path.

The bad news is that, the only sure way of finding out whether something is for you, is to just do it. I know that sounds kind of difficult and very daunting but let me say, even if you find out that business isn’t for you, your time won’t be wasted. I went through quite a few business ideas before I realized what my calling was. And that is to help people. But when I did find my niche, I had already learnt what works, through trial and error, ( like Aaliyah song “If first you don’t succeed pick yourself up try again, dust yourself off and try again) from doing a page layout design, to the technical aspect of managing an email list. 

  • Fear of Finances: This can be the killer, it can make you or brake you:

As someone who works for a non profit company, dealing with debt and benefits, I am so aware of how important every penny is, especially when you don’t have any. In some ways I think having a strict budget can be really beneficial for your business. There is always the temptation when you’ve got a reasonable amount of cash behind you, because when you run into a problem, you just throw cash at it to get it fixed. Not having that money means you’ve got to work it out for yourself. And that make you very knowledgeable and priceless.

Can’t afford to build a fully function website? Teach yourself to make it from scratch. It is so easy I have done it. Can’t afford the cost to schedule and runing a social media platform? Get in close and personal and figure out how it all works and meet the people behind it. I pick a mentors that is in the same field and pay attention to them and learned from them. I even email them for advice. 

So, that’s why it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have a fear of finances. Because it can light a fire under your tail and push you. Have you ever hear of people who works well under pressure. Well hello I do. But if your not, trust me you will be skillful to it. And that’s a good thing. 

  • Money is a practical consideration, so the answer here is some practical advice.

Lets use writing a blog. Write down all the expenses that you need to get your blog up and running right now. So for example, your website hosting is probably going to be included. When I calculated my start up expenses I calculated them for the year. Because in my mind, if I could afford all of them for the year right now and pay it all up front, then I was secure for 12 months.

My budget for the month for my blog would look like; 

  • Bluehost (web hosting) bill Yearly 
  • Aweber (Email marketing) they bill monthly and you can use them for free for 30days.

So once those are in order it will be easy just maintain my blog. 

Now, if you want to go further, write down all the expenses that your blog doesn’t vitally need but will absolutely help it grow. For example, a monthly subscription to BoardBoost for your Pinterest marketing. Or a budget for Facebook advertising. I put all these things down for review every month or at least 3 months. If I could generate enough traffic and interest in three months. I would get a good idea that people were interested enough that it would make a good investment. 

Finally, write down the income that you need to generate from your blog. How much do you need to generate before you can leave your job? How much do you need to cover all your living expenses? Of course, you are not going to start making that kind of money straight away but I always find it useful to have a goal to work towards. And when you meet that goal move on to the next goal posts!

Also, it feels kind of needless to say because you are all wonderful, smart business people but…budget. The new outift, the little sale purchases, the bottle of wine, they can all wait. Hoard your money for your business.

Remember: Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” — Dave Ramsey said it best.

  • Fear of Failure; You feel that you are not good enough and people will think you’re a fraud: 

It dont matter if you tried and Failed, just as long as you make sure you keep trying. All your fail is just setting you up for your success. Let me tell you now, no statistics, but I know that there is no one in this world that hasn’t failed at something. Those massive successfull bloggers and companies? They have all failed before.
The only difference between them and you is that fear of failure didn’t stop them from trying. And they kicked fear butt out the door ASAP.

I read an article by Mariah Coz a Femtreprenuer blogger who saids; “There may be many people who know more than you about a topic, but you only need to know more about something than the person you are teaching.” And that there is possibly one of the most inspiring bits of advice I’ve heard about online business in a long while.

For example, I know much less about computers than Bill Gates. I know much less about being a programmer than a computer science major. But that didn’t mean that I couldn’t teach my husband how to code an image into the sidebar of his upcomeing food blog. He didn’t accuse me of being a fraud; he just thanked me for showing him how to do it and bought me dinner. 

Morihei Ueshiba – “Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.”

The very purpose of creating my blog and the many adventures to come under my brand Mommy Hustle Nation is to help and inspire wonderful business women and men with whatever knowledge I have learned, to help them become Successful also. I very much hope that after reading this today that you will feel inspired to go out and create your own brand of awesomeness that we can all benefit from.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard for overcoming your fear? Please Share it in the comments!

Again I thank you all for reading this article and I hope it encourage and push you to start your own business or ideas. Fear has no residence over here.

Good luck Janielle Saddler ❤


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