Investing With Acorn

All images taken from Acorn App.

I wouldn’t call myself an investor. But when I realized that I’m 31 had no savings, no retirement and no investment. Including having a family. I needed to get my life in order.

I came to the realization that I needed  to get up off my but and do something about. God has put many ideas in my heart to do. But I allow fear to hold me back.

But not anymore… I for one is doing something with my life. One app that gave me the opportunity to do and open the gateway for me to inved is with Acorn. It allow me to learn so much about investment.

Acorn ❤For me it helps me to save and invest at the same time. I set up my portfolio for with just few simple questions and from there it has set me on my way to investment world and saving. Especially since I have been using it for few months now. I’m a beginner of investment so this one app has been perfect.

Now not only is this a great investment app and I’m allowing them to round up my changes and once hit a $5 it will auntomatically invest for me. I also manually deposit $7 a week to knock up my investment. Which has help because my dividends in return has been good. 

Acorn is doing good for me so far here is a screen shot of my balance today.

       🤔 Now let me tell you this app is not a get rich app. You have to have patience water it and watch it to grow. 

  1. Get a free $5 just for signing up when you use my invite link 👉👉👉👉
  2.  They have a great “Found Money” section where if you shop at one of there partner stores they will put a certain % into your invest. 
  3. There referral program is pretty good. Just like the 1st perk. They will give YOU a free $5 just to refer them. Just make sure they sign up with your link.


Why not start somewhere then start with Acorn.

Join me NOW. Acorn 😄

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