The Hustlers Tribe


 What GOD has set in place for you let no men try to take it away.

Monetizing Everything!



It is our goal to help others to be financially free and enjoy their lives with their family members. We have come together not only as business partners but as GOAL-FRIENDS who love to position others for greatness…

Lets meet some of our Hustler Tribe members who are Changing Lives.


Founder: Janielle Saddler-Barnett,

My mission is to show everyone who is ready a lifestyle that can take you to the next level.


Member: Ronish Villegas,

With every life comes a new beginning. Travel to a new place every chance you 

Member: Nedra Holbrook

The passion to save lives that being a nurse, gives her a chance to do just that.

      Member: Zaesha Hunter

Found a way that gave her a chance to change her and her children lives. Blessings                                  come in different ways.

    Member: Kelly Staff

With God as head and guidance, her blessings is just at hands reach.

We have one purpose Changing Lives.

We have One goal, a better lifestyle for us all.

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Business number: (203)-718-8463

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