Welcome To Mommy Hustle Nation!

Who I am?

My name is Janielle Saddler-Barnett,

I am a Wife and a Mother of 3 beautiful children’s, they are twin girls who are 11 and my son who is 4 years old who is very active. I also work full-time in The Human Service field, where I work for almost 16 years now, helping the mentally ill and elderly. My passion is to always help people and throughout my career I have done just that. I love life, helping others, and I am very humble and genuine. I am always on my hustle for building generational wealth, empowering and motivating other mothers and women.

Who we are & what you’ll gain from this website:

We are a fun and supportive organization in the online industry. Our audience is working women and stay at home mothers. I speak to our audience as a guide, to learn how to monetize their lives and I also show how to use the travel industry to leverage their time and money.

Most of the things I share are ways I am personally using to build a successfully income online. You will learn how to use different business models to grow your business, fund  your organization and supplementing your income. Your going to learn how I am build my business online and so much more. I want other mom like me who is tired of living paycheck to paycheck, buried out, over work, and want more. They can rest assure to find something legit to earn an income from home or/and online. I hope by doing so they can take back their lives and enjoy their time with their love ones, and still have an income coming in.

Remember, the goal is to Build Generational Wealth and it starts with US…


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Thank you all and Enjoy!

Be Bless